Monthly Archives: August 2005

Da vedere!

Questo sabato sono andato con il resto della truppa al cinema, per la prima volta da quando sono in India. Siamo andati a vedere Madagascar, ho visto il sito del Cineplex di Udine e dovrebbe uscire in Italia il 2 settembre. Correte a vederlo perche’ e’ veramente una cannonata: a parte la trama che e’ veramente semplice, l’animazione e’ a dir poco incredibile e ci si piscia addosso dalle risate dall’inizio alla fine!

Donne e motori

Questo l’ho mandato a tutti i miei colleghi in ufficio. Scusate ma non ci ho palle di tradurre.

Which are the obstacles a woman has to tackle before driving a bike in India? First you cannot drive with a saree because you have to keep a leg on one side and a leg on the other. Then you cannot easily change the gears wearing sandals. Beside that it takes time to learn how to use gears.
Why men use motorbikes in the city? A scooter could be more practical, since driving a bike in the city you have to change gear every 5 seconds, but not with a scooty.
The explanation I gave to myself is: men don’t want woman to drive bikes, because the bike is a “status”, something that clearly shows that driving a bike on the road means that “I’m a man” and you driving a scooty “you’re a woman”. And don’t even try to mix the two categories or to bring both categories at the same level.
Thinking that I could be wrong, some time ago I told an Indian friend of mine about my theory. And he answered me: Mattia is not “could be..” , it is! You’ve guessed it correctly!
The following lines are a conversation I had with a friend of mine about the argument:

Karla K- i re-confirmed about the use of motorbikes for men, scooters for women… i just said in the office i wanted a motorcycle with gears and everything… and a guy told me: why dont you go for a kinetic… (ndM: e’ uno scooter della Honda molto diffuso in India)
Karla K- o.O uh?!?!1 i want gears!!!
Mattia P- tell me. and which arguments did they use to talk you out of your purposes?
Karla K- you cannot do that in india
Mattia P- ??????
Karla K- you are a girl. girls drive scootys
Mattia P- crazy?
Karla K- not motorbikes
Karla K- im impressed!
Mattia P- theuy told you “you canot do that in india?”
Karla K- exactly!
Mattia P- you are about to subvert the estabilished order
Karla K- YES as always… to mess with others perceptions…
Karla K- but i really felt annoyed
Karla K- tomorrow i will tell you the reaction
Karla K- of this guy
Karla K- he was like shouting… like if i told him: i killed your mother

And you, what do you think???